Online Grocery Shopping

One of the biggest problems with plans for eating to lose weight is that they typically fair better when you can get a higher quality of food, and if you reside in a place where I am currently that is hard to find.  Larger markets can stock more organic items as well as foods that you do not see typically in other stores.  With that being said I thought I would give you a couple of places to look for healthier items when it comes to your own plan for eating to lose weight.

**DISCLAIMER**  Eating To Lose does not profit from the clicking, purchase, or sale of any of the items from any of the links listed below.  They are there for your benefit.

US Wellness Meats – I have used this site repeatedly and they have a great selection of meats and healthy snacks, and they have sales running all the time so check back periodically to see if you can get your hands on a good deal.  There is a minimum order of $75 and there is a flat shipping rate of $7.50 to anywhere in the continental 48.

Tropical Traditions – This is another site I have used, they carry a much wider variety of food from meat, to produce, to condiments and oils.  Their specialty is coconut oil and they too will run specials from time to time.  This site I was able to get four 11-ounce ribeye steaks for $32.

Home Grown Cow – I found this website and have tried purchasing items from here but the stuff I wanted to buy was unavailable at the time.  This site is made up of small to large private farms and is well-documented on their farming practices.  Some may not be organic because they are not a large enough farm or do not want to put up the cash, but their farming practices would qualify them to be certified organic.  One problem that I have run into is that the farm is unable to ship over state lines because of that certification.  You might have better luck and might be surprised at what you find on this site.

Pre-Made Paleo – Pre-Made Paleo’s meals are made fresh, vacuum-sealed in BPA free packaging, and frozen providing the highest quality product without the use of preservatives. Meals are shipped frozen. Simply thaw then remove meals from their packages, and reheat in a pan using steam. In minutes, a fresh, healthy, delicious meal is ready to eat with virtually no preparation.  I have not purchased much from this site as of yet with the exception of their trail mix which is excellent.  They have different plans, sizes, and options available to help you customize your meals, and the best part they all fall under acceptable foods in Evolved Eating.

Amazon – Yes, among other things, Amazon is getting into the online grocery industry.  They already sell non-perishable food items, but now they are going to be getting into a larger market with the foods that they carry.  If you sign up for their Amazon Prime you will get 2-day shipping on everything for a yearly fee, so if you use it a lot it will be worth the price.