Evolved Eating ($13.99 Paperback)

Evolved Eating (Official Cover) Purchase Evolved Eating (Paperback Version $13.99)

Take a look around the internet market place and tell me how many of the other people out there actually have their plan for eating to lose weight published by an actual publishing company?

By my count I believe it is only one, me.

One of the great things about Evolved Eating making it to paperback is that you can take it with you, you can write in it, and you can refer back to it whenever you need to to ensure that you are making those healthy choices about your day.

It still will give you the same information that the PDF version will give you, but in a different format.

You will still get:

  • The 6 diet principles I live by
  • Your new meal plan
  • 4 tips on how to eat healthy on a budget
  • 4 tips on how to dine out on a diet
  • 8 reasons why other diets have failed in the past
  • 3 signs that you know that your plan is working for you
  • Debunking the ‘Calorie Myth’
  • How to manipulate the program to achieve your goals

I am extremely excited about this book making it to bookstore shelves.  It will only enhance its credibility and effectiveness in its roll in your plan for eating to lose weight.

The book is published by Tate Publishing, and they are going to offer both soft cover and special edition hard cover books, as well as a Kindle and iPad version which can also be found by clicking the button above.  Those will sell for $10.99 and will be formatted to fit your mobile device.

I hope that you have come to the realization that through all of your endeavors in trying to find that plan for eating to lose weight that this is your last stop.  None of the other guys have taken the time to actually write out their plan in such a fashion that it is easy to read and understand.  You could be the smartest person in the world, but if you cannot communicate that to anyone then it really does not matter how smart you are.

This is where your evolution begins.

Purchase Evolved Eating (Paperback Version $13.99)



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