Eating To Lose – Going to Paperback Only

It’s a sad day for Eating To Lose.

In recent weeks, I have learned that all of my time and effort in bringing you the best health information that you can get for you money is really going by the wayside in that the site unknowingly has been GIVING copies of Evolved Eating and Evolved Fitness away without payment.

You know what, that’s fine.

I want the information to get out there to flood a market that needs to be brought back to reality, but a little compensation for my trouble I think is fair.

With that being said this gives me a chance to start fresh and also to start the launch of the paperback version of Evolved Fitness.

It is in the process of publication, the cover design and book jacket are complete, I just have to review the text, and add yet more information from the last year of research. This book is going to be great- it is going to give you everything you need to know to get started BUILDING YOUR OWN FITNESS ROUTINES.

I am sick and tired of all of these ‘fly by night’ trainers forcing you to pay for information that they barely have a handle on. These are people that saw a personal training course for $1,000 that thought they could jump into an already flooded market as an ‘expert.’

I’m sorry- my friends who went to COLLEGE for this stuff are the experts- you are a hack that couldn’t decide what to do with their life. I’m definitely not going to tout myself as an ‘expert’ but I am positive that the information that I have presented to you both here on Eating to lose as well as with Evolved Eating and the upcoming Evolved Fitness for the very reasonable prices that the publishing company has set will get you just as far, if not farther, than the trainers you have probably encountered.

So, with that said, I regret to inform all of you that the PDF versions are no longer available. The pages have been removed leaving you to purchase the nice paperback version for each. It is the exact same information in a more tangible version, and it is a lot easier and safer to purchase online.

At the moment, Evolved Eating is the only book available, but I promise you that Evolved Fitness will be out in 2017. I cannot confirm a date for that yet as the publisher has yet to do that for me. Once I know I will pass along the information.

Until then, check back sparingly for posts, and use the archives for past information as there are only so many ways to spin the same information that has been around for years.

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Eating To Lose – Science Beats Crossfit

Sometimes the journey turns out to be more than the destination.

In February of this year I was fired wrongfully forcing me to find employment elsewhere.  The only place I could find work was over a thousand miles from what I call home, and with no other offers I had to accept.

I moved to Texas to take a job that I new I was probably going to hate, which I did, so I spent the next 60-days to find a new job, and was able to do so.

It feels like I have been in free fall for the past 8 months, and with that I needed to make a change.

This past week I walked into my local LifeTime Fitness and changed my membership.

With that membership I was given 300 LT-bucks which I could use for anything or any service that the club provided and immediately opted for a Metabolic test, and an Active Metabolic Assessment.

First the Metabolic test- they drew my blood and ran it through a machine to analize it and while that was processing they had me step on their scale that sends a small pulse through your body that measures body water, fat content, lean tissue, body weight, and which areas of your body where the fat is concentrated.

After that was finished the results of the blood test were complete.

Mine was not what I expected it would be.

My good cholesterol was low.

My bad cholesterol was a little high but both combined were still much lower than average.

My triglycerides were very low, and the alarming part of the test was my blood sugar was high.  Not alarmingly high, but it alarmed me.

Here is what that test determined.

Since my bad cholesterol and blood sugar were trending towards higher that means that sugars, starches, and refined carbohydrates need to be reduced or eliminated from my plan for eating to lose weight.

Now the test said that my tryglicerides are low but that means something different of what I thought that it meant.  If your triglyceride number is low that means that your body is not moving fat in the blood which means you are not burning any for fuel, and the result is that I need to increase my fat intake throughout the day.

The last thing that the scale identified for me was that my resting metabolic rate was about 400 calories too low.  I need to eat more.

Part of me was a little worried about this test but the other part of me was elated.  That test basically CONFIRMED that everything that I have written for you in Evolved Eating is 100% true.  Those 6 little rules that I followed will change your life.

If you do not believe me then try it for yourself.  The book is 8$, and the metabolic blood test from LifeTime Fitness is 30$.  That will give you a place to start from.

Then in 90 days follow the book and get retested and I will bet that if your numbers were like mine that you will see dramatic improvement.

The last test that I had done was an active metabolic assessment.

What they did was put me in a mask that measured my oxygen and CO2 expiration as I worked out.

The test first started with a 12 minute warmup with each 2-minute interval getting a little harder with the goal of trying to get my heart rate to respond to stimulus.

After the 12 minute warm up there was a 5-minute break before the test to let me recover back to a resting heart rate.

The test itself was about 20-minutes long with each two minute interval getting harder until I got the point where I dropped.  The goal was to find where my oxygen to CO2 expiration ratio was 1:1.

The trainer told me that you want to keep burning oxygen is stored in fat and when the ratio hit 1:1 that is where your fat-burning threshold went from fat-burning to burning glycogen.

Why is that a problem?

The reason why burning glycogen or sugar is a problem is because that is typically stored in your muscles.  If you burn the glycogen then you run the risk of burning muscle tissue which is of vital importance for continual fat burn.

Take a look at a marathoner and a sprinter.  The sprinter never hits their fat-burning threshold or does on a limited basis whereas the marathoner lives in the glycogen burning zone.  That is why their bodies have little muscle tone.

Now we get to the point of this article and one bit of information that I need to get across to you before you make the mistake that I made.

That entire test was done on a treadmill and I was WALKING.  All the trainer did was increase the incline until it hit 15 degrees upright.

After all of that, I find out that my cardio training was too difficult and I was burning up the much needed glycogen instead of the unwanted fat.

This is where I pick on Crossfit again.

Their workouts are so strenuous that they are continually burning muscle glycogen and it has been proven true with some people succumbing to their muscles breaking down in workouts and poisoning their body.  If that happens it can be lethal.

On top of that, I spent a total of 120$ for the two tests, but the results gave me an exact plan just for me on the recipie for success.

I already have Evolved Eating, so all I need is to be able to work smarter at the gym.

Crossfit will run you anywhere from 100$ upwards of over 200$ per month for a group training session that may or may not get you to shed the weight.

The other thing that you have to be aware of is that since these workouts are so strenuous that if done long enough your body will actually burn muscle glycogen instead of burning fat.  For the average person the workouts of Crossfit will do nothing more than make you spin your wheels.

For the 158$ I am spending a month I am getting a customized plan to my body, and my workouts written for me that continually keep evolving with my progress.  That part of it is only 99$ per month + 59$ for the monthly membership.

The bottom line is you might want to take a look in the mirror and see if that Crossfit memberhsip has paid its dividends.

The other thing that I would like to caution you on is education.

Crossfit coaches have very limited education coupled with some type of internship.  People have told me that they only have a single weekend to get their certification, which seemingly looks like anyone can get it.  That is extremely dangerous because some of the movements that they are asking you to do are highly skilled and if performed incorrectly could lead to serious injury.  They preach ‘fitness profile’ but they do nothing to help change it.  I have a friend that has been doing it for 3 years and he is still trying to improve his strength- that sounds like 2 years wasted to me.

I know, I have a separated shoulder to prove it.

The trainers of LifeTime have multiple certifications which area actual courses they have to complete coupled with years of experience.  What that tells me is that science beats crossfit.

There is no workout that they can do that might fit my plan for eating to lose weight.  Evolved Eating might not even yield results on Crossfit.

Everyone is free to make their own decisions, but in all of my years of experience and my quest for knowledge and truth, I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone do Crossfit.

Take the time, take the money, head to LifeTime Fitness and get your profile established.  If you do not know where you are then you have know idea where you are going and then the journey will be for nothing.

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Eating To Lose – The End of Hiatus

It feels like forever since I have even looked at the Eating To Lose dashboard.

A lot of things in my own life have conflicted with my ability and maybe even my desire to share the wealth of knowledge that others are trying to profit from.

After being forced out of a job and subjected to move across the country my feet are slowly finding themselves back under me.  Tearing away from everything that I have ever known and that has ever meant anything to me has been difficult.  I now find myself on the outside looking in.

I am sure that my readers out there know what it is like.  Doing things not because they want to do them but because they have to.  I did not want the cards to fall this way but sometimes no matter how hard you try to fight it they fall anyway.

It has made me question a lot of things- my friends, society, business, and most of all faith.  I am not a spiritual person but I hold out hope that someday a faith will be renewed in humanity.

I see it every single day as it floods my inbox with my Eating To Lose competitors airing their dirty laundry.  I have lost count of how many times they have washed the same load of laundry.  Just like the real thing, if you wash the same clothes over and over again they wear out forcing you to find something else to wear.

The more I sit and let thoughts mold the more in frustrates me.

In the last almost year now I have been battling an injury caused by lack of education amidst my Crossfit endeavor.

For that reason I will never go back.

Even today at the local gym that I have been working out at I took a second to stop and take note of the gym’s personal trainers.

Not one of them had a DEGREE in any type of physical fitness or sports nutrition, or anything even remotely close to eating to lose weight.  They had business degrees with personal trainer certifications.

I question why they even went to college.  They could have saved themselves four long years and a pile of money to try and help people.  All that business degree suggests is that they are trying to help themselves.

This is the message that I have been trying to pass along to everyone, especially those members of Crossfit.

I cannot state that everyone falls into this category but at least 75% of them do- they are all people that truly have no extensive education in health and fitness, they just understand that it is the next billion dollar industry.  They win when you lose.

In the last couple of weeks I have been doing some research and right there on the Crossfit website I read something that lit a fire that could take Crossfit nation to extinguish.

Their trainers, coaches, and box owners only have to take a 2-day certification class.

On top of that they are not required to be able to perform the extremely difficult motions that make up the fitness routines.

A little bit of my faith died that afternoon as I put it in something that I believed was going to help progress, not hinder it.

I am now reduced to extremely light weight for anything shoulder related and sleep in pain every single night.  I tell you that not for pity but as a warning.  I made my own choice to put my trust into something and it backfired.

This is why I decided to come out of hibernation.

I am hoping that you can put your faith into something like Eating To Lose that wants a small amount of money from you for a mountain of information.

My PDF’s are 8$- everything else is going to run you more than double that.

If you want the paperback version they are going to run you 14$- still a far cry from the information that you are paying for from everyone else.

I am assuming that when Evolved Fitness hits bookstore shelves it too will sell for $14.

No matter which one you choose to purchase I make the same 8$.

I cannot stress enough, I do not do this because I want your money- I do this purely out of frustration.  I want to see others fail, so Eating To Lose thrives.  I give you what others try and sell.  Hell, Crossfit even GIVES you their workouts- once you learn to accurately execute their movements you can stop spending the hundred bucks on their membership.

That was a lot of information to take in, and even to show you that I really could care less about the rules you can go back and count how many times I used ‘Eating To Lose’ in the article.  The rule of thumb is to use it once per every 75-100 words.  At best I used it every 150 or more.

The truth is I don’t care.  The people who want the information will find it.  The people that have found it will pass it along.  I don’t want it to be the internet’s best kept secret but sometimes finding that diamond in the rough makes it much more valuable.

I can’t state for certainty when I will be back here, but keep your nose to the grind stone and an ear to the pavement for information is only valuable when it is shared with everyone else.

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Eating To Lose – The Weight of the World

Over these past couple weeks I have learned one truly incredible lesson about stress’ role in your everyday life.

To give you a little background on what I am talking about, two weeks ago I was asked to leave my job sending me back to the perils of unemployment.  The truth be told, when they asked me to leave my initial response was, ‘alright.’

For the last two years I have been working for and trying to build up people that I would not even associate with on my own volition.  To be honest I am bothered by people that are HANDED everything that they have in life.  Yeah, if I was handed a pile of money I would have it pretty good too.

For months I have been searching for a new position realizing that I need to work for someone that has spent a lifetime working to build their dream.

Once I realized this it was a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders and subsequently on the scale.

What does this mean for you and your plan for eating to lose weight?


I have been so stressed out over the past five months that it has lead me to make food choices that my plan for eating to lose weight would absolutely hate.

Even though I was asked to leave my job in all reality I had one foot out the door anyway.

In the two weeks that I have been off it has been magical.  There has been zero stress in my life.

But what about trying to find a new job?

You have me there, it can be stressful, BUT- if you actually cruise the internet and look for how many jobs that are available for your profession you might be surprised.

I know that I will find something as the interest in me has come in spades.

What does this mean for you and your plan for eating to lose weight?

If you should take one thing away from my story it is that you cannot let stress rule your life.  I gave everything to my employer, got beat up, worked ridiculous hours (2700+ hours logged last year) and had my integrity questioned.

If you find yourself in this situation it is probably effecting your plan for eating to lose weight.  These stresses are making you choose the foods that you are eating or causing you to eat more.

Now I am not telling you to go out and quit your job, but what I am telling you to do is put your stressful job under the microscope.  Every position that I have had in my professional life has been stressful as it probably is with your jobs both past and present.

Hard to believe that sometimes the foods that do make up your plan for eating to lose weight do not even matter when it comes to stress.

On a side note- Evolved Fitness has now been put into production.  I have signed a very nice contract with Tate Publishing again to do so.  Part of that contract is going to involve them setting up a website, handling my social media, as well as promotion of both Evolved Eating and Evolved Fitness.

This means that this page is only going to be blog entries only but you will sill have access to those sites if you wish to purchase either of them.

Sadly, once Evolved Fitness hits store shelves I regret to tell you that the PDF version will no longer be available.  I know that might upset people, but I think that an actual physical book will serve you far greater than a PDF.  If you have not purchased a copy of Evolved Eating yet I recommend that you do, if you are not ready to do so that is quite alright too.  It will be there when you are ready.


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Eating To Lose – Resolve to Solve

I really hate following trends and joining the other knuckle-heads in my inbox in coming up with some inspirational post to help kick off your new year.

What a waste of time.

Personally, I hate this holiday.  Why do you need the calendar to roll over in order to make a conscious change to your plan for eating to lose weight?

Why not make that change on Monday? Tuesday?  Sometime next week?

The truth- it does not matter what day of the year you want to start making changes.  It is just convenient for those other morons because they still need gimmicks to move terrible products.

Another secret that they will not tell you, (likely because they are too stupid to realize it) that walls around you are just as toxic as those terrible foods you have been stacking your plan for eating to lose weight with.  I know this- I am a huge foodie.  Oops, sorry- according to yahoo that word has been banned in 2015.

In any event I enjoy food and will try just about anything that sounds exotic or appetizing, or even if I have not had it before when it contradicts my plan for eating to lose weight.

I also put my body on the line to test each and everything that hits this blog long before it hits the blog so you can live vicariously through my mistakes and share in my success.

Anyway, I digress.

The point of the post for today is not to follow the leader and tell you that you need to change your plan for eating to lose weight (why else would you be reading this right?) but rather start looking to remove other bad habits from your life.

My entire life I have made the effort to go without things, staying away from places, and burning relationship bridges knowing that if I try and keep them built that it is going to lead to my own demise.

This is a difficult concept for people to fully understand.

There is a good chance that your plan for eating to lose weight IS good enough in its entirety for yourself but it is the life you have carved out for yourself that is causing you to doubt that.

Stress is easily the biggest weight gainer on the planet.  It is likely worse than that case of beer you tried drinking last night to wash down that pizza.

There are all kinds of things that can create stress and prohibit you from really getting to where you want to be.

Your job, friends, parents, living situation, significant other, constant emailing of stupid ‘health enthusiasts’- are all things that might be destroying you without you even knowing it.  (I know that last one is otherwise, again, you would not be reading this.)

Sometimes, you have to take that stand to preserve everything that you have worked for.  It is not an easy move but one that has to be made with cold deference.

Take a look around you.  Examine every facet of your life as you kick off this year and see if any of those difficult choices need to be made.  What you may find is that your plan for eating to lose weight is not the problem but rather everything else weighing down on you that is.


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Eating To Lose – YOUR Share of $2 Trillion

Don’t let that heading fool you- this is not the lottery, you did not strike it big, and you surely will not be living the ‘good’ life, in fact, you are even farther behind than you had thought that you were.

This week Yahoo (not sure why I use this news outlet) came out with an article that the price of the obesity epidemic had reached an astonishing 2-trillion-dollars.

That’s right- those other plans for eating to lose weight has cost this country $2 trillion.

Let me give you an idea of just how much money that is-

  1. It is $600 Billion more than the Federal government collects in income taxes
  2. It is 11% of the total deficit for the country
  3. It is enough to give everyone in the country $6,263.45
  4. It could pay for the entire Federal student loan debt for the country and still have $700 Billion left over
  5. And, just for kicks, it will buy 6.25 million Ferrari

If you don’t think that this effects you then just give it time.  With the ridiculous healthcare law that still is the talk of the nation it is going to mean that your insurance premium is going to be on the rise to help pay for it.

Your hard earned dollars are going to go to pay for someone who’s plan for eating to lose weight has failed them.

So how did we get here?

For starters it was not just one group of people that set us back, it was everyone getting in on the action.  That action being the BUSINESS of health, wellness, fitness, and dieting.

The truth is we have known since the inception of the food pyramid that the food pyramid was going to lead to health problems down the line related to obesity.  Back when the stupid thing was thought up obesity only effected a small number of people.  Now, it effects 1 in 3 or more.

Government officials, doctors, agriculture industry, dietitians, personal trainers, health enthusiasts- they have all collaborated and conspired to do one thing.

Rob you of your hard earned money.

This might as well be one of the biggest conspiracies on the planet and it is making certain people very, VERY, rich.

This was the main goal of Eating To Lose.  To GIVE you the information that will help save your life, and while Evolved Eating sells for a meager 8$ to 14$ (depending on your format) it is a small price to pay for the last plan for eating to lose weight that you will never have to purchase.

It makes me sick to my stomach that these people know the answers to all the questions but they withhold them from you for as long as they can because it will make them money.

I want to put an end to this, but I cannot do it alone.  I have been preaching this for YEARS on this site, and the following is growing but not fast enough.  I need you, the reader to help get the word out.  Evolved Eating will change your life.

I mean, let us take a step back and look at other plans for eating to lose weight, do you really think that taking the time to count every single calorie is really going to make a difference?

To be honest the word ‘calorie’ makes me cringe.

When I figured out that the word was merely propaganda by the industry a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Do you really think that plan that scripts every single ounce of food that you eat is really going to help you?  How many times have you spent a bunch of money on a plan, followed it for a few days only to find out that you are still hungry?

Well no s**t Sherlock- that plan was written by a woman that weighs 130-pounds and you are a 250-pound man.

Let me be the first to tell you that there is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL plan for eating to lose weight, which is why Evolved Eating is so incredibly brilliant.  I give you some simple rules to follow, some tips to try and turn you loose.  Meal plans are just another product for you to go out and buy, like a calendar.  You throw that thing away every year.

The whole point of this rant is that if we, and I say WE because it is more than just me that is going to help make this change and fix the 2-trillion-dollar hole that we find ourselves in.  I want to put an end to the mass profiting of the different industries that have kept this conspiracy going for this long.  That means getting more copies of Evolved Eating on the street to educate the masses that the information that has been shoved down the throats of the American people is WRONG.

Seriously, BUY EVOLVED EATING.  Get together in your office, 8 of you throw a 1$ in there, buy one PDF and share it- I DON’T GIVE A S**T.


I don’t put anything here that will not help you.

Stop throwing your money away.

Stop believing everything that you hear when it comes to eating to lose weight.  If more than 2 people are saying it that DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE.

I hope that this gets you fired up to stand up and make a change.


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Eating To Lose – Insulin’s Role In Weight Gain

It is amazing how it feels like it has been an eternity since I have had any NEW information to share with all of you, and last I check it is has been a couple of months since I have posted on the Eating To Lose discussion board.

Last night I was out for dinner when I bumped into an old friend who works at one of the hospitals in town.  I am not sure what he does or if he is even a doctor but he told me something interesting about what his plan for eating to lose weight has done to him and the changes he had to make to turn that around.

My friend is borderline being a type-2 diabetic.  For those of you that do not know what that is being a type-2 diabetic your body is resistant to the insulin that the body produces naturally.  If you are a type-1 diabetic your body simply does not produce enough or any insulin to help control your blood sugar.

Anyway, he told me that at his last trip to the doctor that his doctor said if you do not change your plan for eating to lose weight I am going to have to put you on insulin to help control your blood sugar.

Why is bad, and how does it effect your waistline?

He explained it to me like this.  When you eat a lot of carbohydrates no matter which form it is in, breads, pastas, fruits, or veggies, it turns into sugar in the blood stream.  What insulin does is it comes in to push that sugar or glycogen back into the cells.  Some of it is stored in muscles, but the liver is where the processing of that takes place and if you are eating too many carbohydrates your liver will not be able to keep up thus elevating your blood sugar level.  Now what happens then is where you want to start taking notes.

If your blood sugar is elevated and your body releases insulin or if you are a type-2 diabetic and you have to take an insulin shot and your liver is already processing sugar what is left over the insulin is going to store it, and it is going to store it in the form of visceral fat.  The fat that is next to impossible to remove.

What does this mean for your plan for eating to lose weight?

What it should mean is that you should start trading those carbohydrates for more healthy fats and proteins.

In the eBook that I GIVE you, Evolved Alpha, I touch on this by giving you three of my six principles that I follow in that you should abstain from eating any type of grain based food.

Well, fruits and veggies are carbs, why can I eat those and should abstain from eating breads and pastas?

The reason why it is okay to eat those fruits for starters is because it is next to impossible to be able to consume fruit in a 1 to 1 ratio with bread.  You can keep eating bread to no end because it is not sugary on the surface, not tart like a fruit would be, and it has been proven that it is more addictive than heroin.

If you want to try this experiment at home here is what I suggest.

The next time your plan for eating to lose weight suggests eating a sandwich with whole grain bread, for starters throw that plan away, and second what I want you to do is eat 1 apple for every slice of bread in that sandwich.  Carb wise they are about on par with each other but I bet you get through that first apple and find it difficult to bite into the second.

If that was a sandwich you probably would have destroyed that and still have been hungry, but by taking the apple instead of the bread you are likely going to feel satisfied because it has already elevated your blood sugar to the point to meet that craving’s demand.

Another thing you need to take note, and EVERY other person that I follow is saying this is okay and it is not, and that is ‘insulin is a fat burning hormone, and that eating carbs is okay’.


It takes that sugar that you just consumed and shoves it back into your cells if the liver cannot process it fast enough.

What does this mean for your plan for eating to lose weight?

Start looking towards healthy fats and proteins.  I don’t say lean proteins like all of the other yahoos because you NEED that fat in there as well.  That is going to keep your satisfied longer than a lean protein or a carb will thus making you eat less often and reduce those cravings for the most terrible foods you can imagine.

One thing that I don’t want to do with this post is scare you from eating carbohydrates altogether.

Your body does need them but it is the one thing that you need to be aware of.  You plan for eating to lose weight can allow you to eat all of the protein and fat that you want, but when it comes to those carbohydrates you might have to take a look at how much you are eating.  If you start to notice that you are eating a little more fruit than usual maybe swap out a piece of fruit for a handful of nuts or seeds.  You can eat all of the veggies that you want because it would take five to ten times the volume of veggies to equal that piece of fruit.  An entire bag of steamed veggies might have a total of 15g of carbohydrates where as one apple has that amount depending its size.

The bottom line, if your plan for eating to lose weight says that you can eat these foods freely then toss it in the trash.  I have been promoting this since the beginning of Eating To Lose and I will continue to promote it until the end of time.  I strongly urge you to buy a copy of Evolved Eating, even if it is the PDF version.  It is the EXACT same as the paperback that you find in stores just formatted differently.  There are varying price points, and there is even a Kindle version available.  If you click to purchase the paperback the publisher has a link there to be able to make that purchase.  If the price is the issue just shoot me an email and I will work with you on it.  This is information you NEED and you should not have to pay a premium to get it.  That is why I put the price where it is at, $8.  You can’t do much these days for that amount of money.


Until next time, take everything you read with a grain of salt- not a slice of bread.

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Eating To Lose – Those Fruits and Veggies

Sometimes it takes an act of something feeble to break me out of my cryo-sleep and address the Eating to Lose following.  It goes against my own belief in that I need to provide you with information every single day of the week when that is in fact the wrong way to go about it.  All of those other guys need your money so they have to keep you ‘on the hook’ with their daily posts and emails which is just reused garbage from a few months ago.

That is the reason you don’t hear from me much anymore, what more can I tell you that I have not done already? Evolved Eating gives you all this information already so I don’t have to keep wasting your time with this tedious reading.

The reason that I felt compelled to write something today is because I got another terrible email from the Craig Ballantyne affiliate network.  That group will forever be referred to as that because they only care about your money, not your success.

I want your success and then I want to send you on your way so I can focus on those that actually need my help, and with the scare tactics that the affiliate network has been drumming up I can see that my stream of clients will never end until these guys are out of business.

Today, they released a 22-page report telling you which FRUITS and VEGETABLES to remove from your plan for eating to lose weight.


I mean really?

You are going to scare people out of eating foods that mankind has EVOLVED ON for centuries just so they can purchase your manufactured jar of sugar?

I mean lets face it, that is essentially what you are selling because sugar is cheap but you can trick people into thinking that it is actually helping them.  They can thank the placebo effect for their success.

Anyway, back to this report- fruits and vegetables have been staples in paleolithic diets and even modern plans for eating to lose weight.  What these guys fail to remember is that food is not always a luxury that every part of the globe or even this country has the access to.  I live in a very harsh climate where fruits and vegetables are very seasonal.  Early in the season I have access to affordable vegetables like asparagus but as the summer wears on and even into the winter months I can see the price of that nearly triple making it less appealing in my plan for eating to lose weight.

The same thing holds true for most berries in my grocery store.  I like having them as a snack from time to time as it satisfies my sugar cravings but as the weather starts to get colder those items become more and more expensive reducing me to more standard fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges.  Luckily there are many varieties of apples to keep me from the same thing over and over again.

This concept of food availability is nothing new.  It has molded indigenous peoples since the beginning of mankind.  Places like Hawaii have access to a lot of fresh coconut and seafood that mainland United States does not have.  Coconut and seafood are a lot higher in fat than some of the meats we typically eat in the Midwest.

Even places like the Mediterranean have developed their own plan for eating to lose weight based on the foods that are local to the area.  This is not something new, and even though this is a modern society this still exists, and for the Ballantyne affiliate network tells you that you should not eat a fruit or a vegetable is absolutely ridiculous.

The only thing I could see that report saying (I gave my email but they HAVE NOT DELIVERED IT YET) that corn is a vegetable that you should stay away from.

Well done you idiot- corn is NOT a vegetable, it is a GRAIN.  If you have downloaded Evolved Alpha you would know that grain is something that you should stay away from.

I could also see that report telling you to stay away from berries as they are high in sugar.  Yes, they are, but this is a sugar that your body needs, and they are loaded with vitamins that other foods do not have as well as antioxidants that your body needs to keep looking young.  Besides, how many strawberries can you eat before your stomach says ‘ENOUGH!’  I bet it is not that many.

When I built the initial workout for Evolved Fitness my post workout concoction was a berry shake and that helped immensely in my workout recovery.

I did not need some high priced ‘protein’ blend- run some berries and an couple of egg whites through a blender.  It will taste great and it will help your body recover just as fast for a faction of the price.

Anyway, do not let this report scare you out of eating fruits and vegetables as they should be staples in your plan for eating to lose weight.  We as humans have been eating them since the dawn of time and that is not going to change anytime soon.

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Eating To Lose – Scare Tactics & Overload

Hey everyone- I thought I would take a few words today to chime in some of the latest that has come across my inbox and advise you to take that eating to lose information from others with a grain of salt because a lot of it is a giant load of crap to try and scare you into make a bad decision.

This week, the ‘affiliate’ network has surfed an article out claiming that eating fruit will add unwanted body fat.


That could not be farther from the truth.

The truth is people have survived for centuries on anything they can get their hands on such as various fruits.  Indigenous peoples of the tropics have a diet that is heavily based in fruits like bananas, oranges, and other berries that thrive in these parts of the world.  They boast a variety of antioxidants and natural sugars that your body NEEDS as a part of your own plan for eating to lose weight, and anyone telling you otherwise needs to do some more research.

I even touch on this in Evolved Eating.  When I first laid out the guidelines for Evolved Eating one of them was to rid my cabinets of every protein powder that I had.  Pre-workout, post-workout– it really does not matter.

I was not too worried about a pre-workout meal or shake because I was already eating a fair amount throughout the day, but it was the post-workout meal that I needed to get dialed in.

I used to do a protein shake was some inadequate protein like the ones that the affiliate network are pushing.  Instead, I ran 2 cups of mixed berries through my blender with some water and an egg white or two.

Let me be the first to tell you that concoction was BETTER than any other post-workout supplement that I have tried.  It was the right amount of protein and carbohydrates that I needed to recover.  On top of that, it was 100% natural and I knew exactly what I was getting.

That is one thing that most people forget when they make these protein powders part of their plan for eating to lose weight.  For all you know you might be getting flour mixed with sugar and a little bit of soy all of which are going to set you back eons as soon as that placebo effect dissipates.

Fruit should be a part of your plan for eating to lose weight as no one EVER got fat from eating too much of it.  Besides, have you ever tried eating more than 2 or 3 apples at a sitting?  The sheer nature of fruit makes it next to impossible to over-eat anyway because it is rich in sugar.  At some point early on you will get sick of it.  In any event, eat away- I recommend eating the majority of them post workout as that is what your body needs to help recover but do not let that stop you from eating them at other times throughout the day.  It is a healthier alternative in your plan for eating to lose weight than just about anything else that you will find.


Now for the second part of this article- I apologize now for making this longer than usual but it is important.

This past week a student died at a high school football practice and you would not believe what he died from.

He drank too much Gatorade and too much water.

Are you serious?

No, sadly, this is 100% true.  The report says that the student drank 2 gallons of Gatorade and 2 gallons of water over a very short period of time.  By doing this it drastically messed his electrolyte levels in his body causing swelling in his brain shutting it down sending him into a coma with no chance of bringing him back.

Water and electrolytes are necessary in your plan for eating to lose weight but there is a point of excess as this tragedy has shown us.  It is ideal to stay hydrated but not to over-do it.

Well how do I know if have had enough water?

One way to tell is by the color of your urine.  If it is clear then that means that you are well hydrated.

The bottom line, this is something that you have to take into consideration throughout the day as well as during your workout.  Unfortunately, there is no recipe for how much to drink as we are all different.  I have seen people re-hydrate with half a gallon of water, and I have seen things like a larger individual go through 8 bags of saline in the hospital without having to go to the bathroom once.  To give you an idea of how much that is, most people have to use the bathroom after 2 or 3.

Just another thing to keep in mind.  Drink water regularly, (I use that term loosely) and only look to replenish electrolytes AFTER your workout as you have sweat out a lot of them, but again do not over-do it.


Until the affiliate network strikes again, stick to your plan for eating to lose weight at all cost and research every fallacy that you hear before implementing it.

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Eating To Lose – He Who Writes Least

Hey everyone!  I’m sorry that I have not been doing a lot of writing here for you my extremely loyal Eating To Lose followers, but at the same time I have already given you a great deal.  I mean, you can get the last plan for eating that you will ever need for a solid $8.

In any event, today’s email is going to reiterate just that- my lack of writing and why it is or is not important.

If you are like me and have been scouring the corners of the internet for the past ten years I am sure that you have come across a few others that at first gave you some great information.  You liked it so you signed up for their email list to get more of that information right in your inbox.  Again, if you are still like me you start to notice that it is a lot of the same articles regurgitated day after day after day.  Even with the mysteries of eating to lose weight I have to believe that we have hit on them all already.

For this reason I choose to keep myself at bay, as unlike these other fools I have a day job.

I like giving you information, but I want that information to be new and fresh and relative to the task at hand, eating to lose weight.

All of these gimmicks, lose one pound in one day, lose 5 pounds a week, a 1-day diet, a 3-day diet, a 7-day diet– ALL of it is just to take your money.  The power of selling has befuddled you to the point where you will give them just about any amount of money because one of those fads worked for you.

My question is, why in the world did you stop doing it if they worked?

Oh, that’s right they told you that it was okay to stop because they KNOW that you are going to go back to your poor eating self again forcing you to buy another plan for eating to lose weight.

Why do you keep letting this happen?

I mean, even at face value these people have to keep writing about irrelevant s**t just to remind you that they are still out there.  I have not written anything in likely a month, but I know that what I give you is the truth, and the best part is I help you find it your own way which is way more satisfying than following someone other bonehead plan.

Everyone makes eating to lose weight out to be some big giant endeavor making it way more complicated than it needs to be.

It all really comes down to eating right, and staying active.  Coincidentally, I have written a book about each and my two will cost you substantially less than their one.

On top of that, I am not simply providing you a plan for eating to lose weight, or a workout plan that you NEED TO FOLLOW.  I am giving you ideas for what you should be eating and why, I am giving you different training ideas and what each one of them does to your body.  I am trying to teach you how to get at it your OWN way, not follow some plan that might have worked for someone else.  Let’s face it, that plan for eating to lose weight is going to have dramatic effects on someone that is 350-pounds verses someone that is 150-pounds.  How do you expect that to work?

The bottom line, it does not have to be complicated.  No more counting, no numbers of any kind.  Your workout could even be the same way.  Who says that you should do 8 reps?  10 reps?  12 reps?  Why not just go until you cannot do another rep because then you know that you have actually done enough.

With that being said, I am going to keep to my limited writing on the topic only chiming in when something pisses me off.  Luckily, everyone else has just been using the same emails over and over again so I have already weighed in on the matter.

In the meantime, buy both Evolved Eating and Evolved Fitness.  If at the very least they turn into coffee table material it is still cheaper than those coasters you have sitting there currently.  I suggest reading them as the key to success rests within.

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