Eating To Lose – Going to Paperback Only

It’s a sad day for Eating To Lose.

In recent weeks, I have learned that all of my time and effort in bringing you the best health information that you can get for you money is really going by the wayside in that the site unknowingly has been GIVING copies of Evolved Eating and Evolved Fitness away without payment.

You know what, that’s fine.

I want the information to get out there to flood a market that needs to be brought back to reality, but a little compensation for my trouble I think is fair.

With that being said this gives me a chance to start fresh and also to start the launch of the paperback version of Evolved Fitness.

It is in the process of publication, the cover design and book jacket are complete, I just have to review the text, and add yet more information from the last year of research. This book is going to be great- it is going to give you everything you need to know to get started BUILDING YOUR OWN FITNESS ROUTINES.

I am sick and tired of all of these ‘fly by night’ trainers forcing you to pay for information that they barely have a handle on. These are people that saw a personal training course for $1,000 that thought they could jump into an already flooded market as an ‘expert.’

I’m sorry- my friends who went to COLLEGE for this stuff are the experts- you are a hack that couldn’t decide what to do with their life. I’m definitely not going to tout myself as an ‘expert’ but I am positive that the information that I have presented to you both here on Eating to lose as well as with Evolved Eating and the upcoming Evolved Fitness for the very reasonable prices that the publishing company has set will get you just as far, if not farther, than the trainers you have probably encountered.

So, with that said, I regret to inform all of you that the PDF versions are no longer available. The pages have been removed leaving you to purchase the nice paperback version for each. It is the exact same information in a more tangible version, and it is a lot easier and safer to purchase online.

At the moment, Evolved Eating is the only book available, but I promise you that Evolved Fitness will be out in 2017. I cannot confirm a date for that yet as the publisher has yet to do that for me. Once I know I will pass along the information.

Until then, check back sparingly for posts, and use the archives for past information as there are only so many ways to spin the same information that has been around for years.

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