Eating To Lose – Science Beats Crossfit

Sometimes the journey turns out to be more than the destination.

In February of this year I was fired wrongfully forcing me to find employment elsewhere.  The only place I could find work was over a thousand miles from what I call home, and with no other offers I had to accept.

I moved to Texas to take a job that I new I was probably going to hate, which I did, so I spent the next 60-days to find a new job, and was able to do so.

It feels like I have been in free fall for the past 8 months, and with that I needed to make a change.

This past week I walked into my local LifeTime Fitness and changed my membership.

With that membership I was given 300 LT-bucks which I could use for anything or any service that the club provided and immediately opted for a Metabolic test, and an Active Metabolic Assessment.

First the Metabolic test- they drew my blood and ran it through a machine to analize it and while that was processing they had me step on their scale that sends a small pulse through your body that measures body water, fat content, lean tissue, body weight, and which areas of your body where the fat is concentrated.

After that was finished the results of the blood test were complete.

Mine was not what I expected it would be.

My good cholesterol was low.

My bad cholesterol was a little high but both combined were still much lower than average.

My triglycerides were very low, and the alarming part of the test was my blood sugar was high.  Not alarmingly high, but it alarmed me.

Here is what that test determined.

Since my bad cholesterol and blood sugar were trending towards higher that means that sugars, starches, and refined carbohydrates need to be reduced or eliminated from my plan for eating to lose weight.

Now the test said that my tryglicerides are low but that means something different of what I thought that it meant.  If your triglyceride number is low that means that your body is not moving fat in the blood which means you are not burning any for fuel, and the result is that I need to increase my fat intake throughout the day.

The last thing that the scale identified for me was that my resting metabolic rate was about 400 calories too low.  I need to eat more.

Part of me was a little worried about this test but the other part of me was elated.  That test basically CONFIRMED that everything that I have written for you in Evolved Eating is 100% true.  Those 6 little rules that I followed will change your life.

If you do not believe me then try it for yourself.  The book is 8$, and the metabolic blood test from LifeTime Fitness is 30$.  That will give you a place to start from.

Then in 90 days follow the book and get retested and I will bet that if your numbers were like mine that you will see dramatic improvement.

The last test that I had done was an active metabolic assessment.

What they did was put me in a mask that measured my oxygen and CO2 expiration as I worked out.

The test first started with a 12 minute warmup with each 2-minute interval getting a little harder with the goal of trying to get my heart rate to respond to stimulus.

After the 12 minute warm up there was a 5-minute break before the test to let me recover back to a resting heart rate.

The test itself was about 20-minutes long with each two minute interval getting harder until I got the point where I dropped.  The goal was to find where my oxygen to CO2 expiration ratio was 1:1.

The trainer told me that you want to keep burning oxygen is stored in fat and when the ratio hit 1:1 that is where your fat-burning threshold went from fat-burning to burning glycogen.

Why is that a problem?

The reason why burning glycogen or sugar is a problem is because that is typically stored in your muscles.  If you burn the glycogen then you run the risk of burning muscle tissue which is of vital importance for continual fat burn.

Take a look at a marathoner and a sprinter.  The sprinter never hits their fat-burning threshold or does on a limited basis whereas the marathoner lives in the glycogen burning zone.  That is why their bodies have little muscle tone.

Now we get to the point of this article and one bit of information that I need to get across to you before you make the mistake that I made.

That entire test was done on a treadmill and I was WALKING.  All the trainer did was increase the incline until it hit 15 degrees upright.

After all of that, I find out that my cardio training was too difficult and I was burning up the much needed glycogen instead of the unwanted fat.

This is where I pick on Crossfit again.

Their workouts are so strenuous that they are continually burning muscle glycogen and it has been proven true with some people succumbing to their muscles breaking down in workouts and poisoning their body.  If that happens it can be lethal.

On top of that, I spent a total of 120$ for the two tests, but the results gave me an exact plan just for me on the recipie for success.

I already have Evolved Eating, so all I need is to be able to work smarter at the gym.

Crossfit will run you anywhere from 100$ upwards of over 200$ per month for a group training session that may or may not get you to shed the weight.

The other thing that you have to be aware of is that since these workouts are so strenuous that if done long enough your body will actually burn muscle glycogen instead of burning fat.  For the average person the workouts of Crossfit will do nothing more than make you spin your wheels.

For the 158$ I am spending a month I am getting a customized plan to my body, and my workouts written for me that continually keep evolving with my progress.  That part of it is only 99$ per month + 59$ for the monthly membership.

The bottom line is you might want to take a look in the mirror and see if that Crossfit memberhsip has paid its dividends.

The other thing that I would like to caution you on is education.

Crossfit coaches have very limited education coupled with some type of internship.  People have told me that they only have a single weekend to get their certification, which seemingly looks like anyone can get it.  That is extremely dangerous because some of the movements that they are asking you to do are highly skilled and if performed incorrectly could lead to serious injury.  They preach ‘fitness profile’ but they do nothing to help change it.  I have a friend that has been doing it for 3 years and he is still trying to improve his strength- that sounds like 2 years wasted to me.

I know, I have a separated shoulder to prove it.

The trainers of LifeTime have multiple certifications which area actual courses they have to complete coupled with years of experience.  What that tells me is that science beats crossfit.

There is no workout that they can do that might fit my plan for eating to lose weight.  Evolved Eating might not even yield results on Crossfit.

Everyone is free to make their own decisions, but in all of my years of experience and my quest for knowledge and truth, I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone do Crossfit.

Take the time, take the money, head to LifeTime Fitness and get your profile established.  If you do not know where you are then you have know idea where you are going and then the journey will be for nothing.

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