Eating To Lose – The End of Hiatus

It feels like forever since I have even looked at the Eating To Lose dashboard.

A lot of things in my own life have conflicted with my ability and maybe even my desire to share the wealth of knowledge that others are trying to profit from.

After being forced out of a job and subjected to move across the country my feet are slowly finding themselves back under me.  Tearing away from everything that I have ever known and that has ever meant anything to me has been difficult.  I now find myself on the outside looking in.

I am sure that my readers out there know what it is like.  Doing things not because they want to do them but because they have to.  I did not want the cards to fall this way but sometimes no matter how hard you try to fight it they fall anyway.

It has made me question a lot of things- my friends, society, business, and most of all faith.  I am not a spiritual person but I hold out hope that someday a faith will be renewed in humanity.

I see it every single day as it floods my inbox with my Eating To Lose competitors airing their dirty laundry.  I have lost count of how many times they have washed the same load of laundry.  Just like the real thing, if you wash the same clothes over and over again they wear out forcing you to find something else to wear.

The more I sit and let thoughts mold the more in frustrates me.

In the last almost year now I have been battling an injury caused by lack of education amidst my Crossfit endeavor.

For that reason I will never go back.

Even today at the local gym that I have been working out at I took a second to stop and take note of the gym’s personal trainers.

Not one of them had a DEGREE in any type of physical fitness or sports nutrition, or anything even remotely close to eating to lose weight.  They had business degrees with personal trainer certifications.

I question why they even went to college.  They could have saved themselves four long years and a pile of money to try and help people.  All that business degree suggests is that they are trying to help themselves.

This is the message that I have been trying to pass along to everyone, especially those members of Crossfit.

I cannot state that everyone falls into this category but at least 75% of them do- they are all people that truly have no extensive education in health and fitness, they just understand that it is the next billion dollar industry.  They win when you lose.

In the last couple of weeks I have been doing some research and right there on the Crossfit website I read something that lit a fire that could take Crossfit nation to extinguish.

Their trainers, coaches, and box owners only have to take a 2-day certification class.

On top of that they are not required to be able to perform the extremely difficult motions that make up the fitness routines.

A little bit of my faith died that afternoon as I put it in something that I believed was going to help progress, not hinder it.

I am now reduced to extremely light weight for anything shoulder related and sleep in pain every single night.  I tell you that not for pity but as a warning.  I made my own choice to put my trust into something and it backfired.

This is why I decided to come out of hibernation.

I am hoping that you can put your faith into something like Eating To Lose that wants a small amount of money from you for a mountain of information.

My PDF’s are 8$- everything else is going to run you more than double that.

If you want the paperback version they are going to run you 14$- still a far cry from the information that you are paying for from everyone else.

I am assuming that when Evolved Fitness hits bookstore shelves it too will sell for $14.

No matter which one you choose to purchase I make the same 8$.

I cannot stress enough, I do not do this because I want your money- I do this purely out of frustration.  I want to see others fail, so Eating To Lose thrives.  I give you what others try and sell.  Hell, Crossfit even GIVES you their workouts- once you learn to accurately execute their movements you can stop spending the hundred bucks on their membership.

That was a lot of information to take in, and even to show you that I really could care less about the rules you can go back and count how many times I used ‘Eating To Lose’ in the article.  The rule of thumb is to use it once per every 75-100 words.  At best I used it every 150 or more.

The truth is I don’t care.  The people who want the information will find it.  The people that have found it will pass it along.  I don’t want it to be the internet’s best kept secret but sometimes finding that diamond in the rough makes it much more valuable.

I can’t state for certainty when I will be back here, but keep your nose to the grind stone and an ear to the pavement for information is only valuable when it is shared with everyone else.

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