Eating To Lose – Resolve to Solve

I really hate following trends and joining the other knuckle-heads in my inbox in coming up with some inspirational post to help kick off your new year.

What a waste of time.

Personally, I hate this holiday.  Why do you need the calendar to roll over in order to make a conscious change to your plan for eating to lose weight?

Why not make that change on Monday? Tuesday?  Sometime next week?

The truth- it does not matter what day of the year you want to start making changes.  It is just convenient for those other morons because they still need gimmicks to move terrible products.

Another secret that they will not tell you, (likely because they are too stupid to realize it) that walls around you are just as toxic as those terrible foods you have been stacking your plan for eating to lose weight with.  I know this- I am a huge foodie.  Oops, sorry- according to yahoo that word has been banned in 2015.

In any event I enjoy food and will try just about anything that sounds exotic or appetizing, or even if I have not had it before when it contradicts my plan for eating to lose weight.

I also put my body on the line to test each and everything that hits this blog long before it hits the blog so you can live vicariously through my mistakes and share in my success.

Anyway, I digress.

The point of the post for today is not to follow the leader and tell you that you need to change your plan for eating to lose weight (why else would you be reading this right?) but rather start looking to remove other bad habits from your life.

My entire life I have made the effort to go without things, staying away from places, and burning relationship bridges knowing that if I try and keep them built that it is going to lead to my own demise.

This is a difficult concept for people to fully understand.

There is a good chance that your plan for eating to lose weight IS good enough in its entirety for yourself but it is the life you have carved out for yourself that is causing you to doubt that.

Stress is easily the biggest weight gainer on the planet.  It is likely worse than that case of beer you tried drinking last night to wash down that pizza.

There are all kinds of things that can create stress and prohibit you from really getting to where you want to be.

Your job, friends, parents, living situation, significant other, constant emailing of stupid ‘health enthusiasts’- are all things that might be destroying you without you even knowing it.  (I know that last one is otherwise, again, you would not be reading this.)

Sometimes, you have to take that stand to preserve everything that you have worked for.  It is not an easy move but one that has to be made with cold deference.

Take a look around you.  Examine every facet of your life as you kick off this year and see if any of those difficult choices need to be made.  What you may find is that your plan for eating to lose weight is not the problem but rather everything else weighing down on you that is.


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